Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Listen up

Brandweek has an excellent interview with Robert Birge (IMG-CMO worldwide) over on their site on the state of Sport Marketing and the future there of.

Too bad and even worse.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Game, Set, Match

It happened. A Williams sister took home the Wimbledon crown, however it was Venus and not Serena this time, taking home her fourth title. Both sisters are playing significantly less tournaments than their competitors these days, however when they show up, everyone must take notice.

By going deep into the tournaments they play in and doing it with such poise and often through injuries, they continue to enhance their legacy, exhibit grace and dignity, all while ensuring they will continue to be highly sought after marketing representatives and future in demand speakers.

I tip my hat to Venus who nearly was sent packing twice in earlier rounds, but decided to stay and pick up another trophy before leaving.

I'm sure the Queen of London was notified at some point, that an Empress was a guest of state.

I've often heard the NFL stands for "Not For Long", and whether you're a former or current superstar in the league, eventually, you will be tackled. By whom-or what is the only question. As we see here, these former players are desperately trying to get their former employer to tackle the dismal disability policy that is constantly knocking them down today. As the premier sports league in the US, I wonder how long it will take for the focus to become unbearable; the recent hearings in Congress undoubtedly will be weighed against the restructuring of major employers in the manufacturing industry facing similar circumstances. While it must be noted, the NFL is not a publicly traded company, they do choose to compete in the public eye.

Word is T.I. (C. Harris) is currently on pace to put up the best first week numbers for Rap/Hip-Hop all year. His marketing strategy of employing two persona's has some what appealed, however hasn't completely been a huge victory. Yet, with a big club single and the smart strategy of a holiday related release he's definitely learned from his last album, "King" which he released in conjunction with the movie ATL that it takes more than just giving the people the product. The second half of the year will see releases from 50 Cent, Kanye, and even possibly Dr. Dre among others. Big names who have generated big numbers, however today it takes ring tones, branding and a gimmick to turn a profit. Either way, little things are stoppin'...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Play it Again

Hanes and MJ continue to play the same hits. Per the article, MJ's a winner no matter what, he just keeps finding a new Pippen, in this case, Cuba Jr. The cost cutting measures while I'm sure will be devestating to some, will probably aid in the bounce back of the company and bottom line.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Rise & Shine...

Right now if you're not aware, the Williams' sisters are once again turning Wimbledon into their personal marketing, branding and legacy building arena. Today Serena exhibited why she can never be counted out and not only has the heart of a champion, but also why the brands she represents are seeing a great ROI.

Fast enough for the Olympics, but outrunning evil doesn't happen.