Monday, March 05, 2007

Million $ Physiques

Label mates, 50 Cent and LL Cool J are known for among other things, hard lyrics, forays into acting and massive amounts of jewelry for their commitment to fitness. Most recently both have signed deals to provide residual income from all those crunches and trips to the gym.

I have to say their management is doing an excellent job of tapping into cross-functional marketing opportunities by tying into natural alliances. Fifty, already a spokesman (and early investor) for Vitamin Water will make a nice extra chunk of change if the company is acquired by Pepsi or Coke as insiders think will happen this year.

Meanwhile, Vitamin Water is making sure to hit those 18-21 year olds everywhere they go.

No doubt the recent change in domestic market will have investors scrambling for save havens for the falling dollar, but I wonder how many have thought about first of all doing a financial analysis to ensure their house is in order. It's not what you make, but what you 'net' or keep after expenses.

Obama is a movie star, so Hillary decides on music.

Rest Easy...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hiatus Averted

Yeah, yeah, yeah-I know. So I've missed one here or there, had to take care of some urgent matters outside of the blogsphere and make sure I'm properly ready for the future and that this serves as a tool of knowledge, profit and thought provoking points of view.

Now, to start off on the right foot, try this game on. Keeping with the NFL action, it's great to see Lovie Smith is getting broken off accordingly. I'm sure the Bears enjoyed their ROI on his low salary this year, now if he delivers a win via the Super Bowl over the next 3 years I'm sure he'll increase his commercial marketability, however due to his high ethical standards he may pass on them.

Next up, if I were a teacher, I'd make this video standard issue I found over at We need to make sure people are aware money doesn't come easy for most, but there are ways to take care of it, grow it exponentially and hopefully positively impact the next generation.