Monday, January 14, 2008

Toilet Paper

Politics are everywhere you turn...the job, dating, parking spots, pretty much anywhere we are these days, could be political. Now whether it be a democracy, dictatorship or something else is unique to each situation.

With politics, things can get heated, emotional-dare I say, um sh...y. For those situations, you usually want to have some TP on hand, your Charmin's, Scotts, etc. What I don't get however with this is when the stuff starts flying, then you know the politics are serious, the issues have taken a back seat, but strategy is in full force and lines are drawn, battle upon us.

Take Bob Johnson, overall wealthy African American male, endorses said Caucasian female candidate and verbally rebukes a candidate some may have felt deserved Johnson's endorsement regardless. He recently was quoted questioning the candidates background based on statements from his memoir.

Tavis Smiley recently had an overall excellent breakdown in his weekly commentary imploring minorities to fully examine their needs and the issues being addressed by all candidates and not blindly handing over their vote to anyone-including someone who looks like you. Seems like Mr. Johnson was doing just that-while his style might have been abrasive to some who took notice. I do however believe it's neither here nor there, but as Mr. Smiley stated, more important to address how while in Iowa none of the candidates addressed the issue of the overwhelming disproportionate number of African American males in prison and Iowa is one of the top 5 states for male incarceration. But hey--it's politics, no one's going to address that on their own right?

A wise man once said, "'s only entertainment" and you better believe the founder of a media station with that very word included in it's acronym and billionaire is entertaining...but not as a show, but as the audience.

If you missed the underlying contexts of this one, sorry it got a bit complex, you might need a re-read.

Around my way, when things got um, you know, we had the TP handy and either some air freshener or incense...with super Tuesday just a few weeks away, they might want to stock up out there on those trails.

Heard T.O. once say to get the popcorn ready...we'll seeing as how he's done for a while, he may want to take his own advice and get ready for the coming weeks to unfold...we may be about to see a show like none other.

Let me have extra butter on that...

Friday, January 11, 2008


Going so fast you move at fractions of a tenth of a second...not anymore.
A judge today told former Olympian champion Marion Jones she's going to be spending six months in prison for crimes including steroids and check fruad scam.

Once a darling of the media and public, Jones has had a hard fall from grace in recent months. While unfortunate, as she exuded many positive qualities for our young women in America and across the world, she still I am sure is held in high regard by her two young children she will soon have to seperate with to serve her sentence. Keep ya' head up Marion and know that you have support systems in place.

Pardon me while I reflect-

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Most often, we don't realize how very precious the thing we all awake to each day-that present called life. You have to maximize it if you don't want to feel minimized; every so often someone arises and illustrates just how much potential each one of us truly possesses.

Here, a man who has done truly wonderful things in the lives of those playing football and those who do not. His book is an outstanding read, check it out. Whether he leaves or stays, he's made a huge impact.

Same league, similar opportunities, but I often hear, NFL stands for "...Not For Long".

With record sales lagging, alternative streams of sales have ringtones being one of the best ways music recording artists to come up and get paid equally...if you know anyone under 15, then you know Soulja Boy. Young cat is out here with a plan, all I can say is viral marketing at it's finest whether you're a fan or not...learn a thing or two about knowing your demographic and core customer base, he mos def does.

Dave Stern is pressing forward on maybe the greatest privatized investment known. Trust me when I tell you, the NFL only has a few more years as the number one sport in America. While soccer won't be derailed, this move is going to put the NBA in a place even the U.S. can't do.

If you wake up tomorrow, you get 86,400 seconds-hope you maximize em'.

props to sohh, espn and the wall street journal

Sunday, January 06, 2008


We're Back!

Stay Tuned for More Details