Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Tony Dungy continues to exhibit dignity, leadership and poise-even in other fields of endeavor.

An interesting article from Joan Voight here, she reports on the rise of digital content.
As we continue to progress forward, digital content will gain market share as the leading source for sports content, with access to video, personal websites/blogs and total access, traditional media must acknowledge the movement and also continue to adapt and integrate with technology.

Finally, Beantown should be alive with excitement for the rest of the year. First R. Moss comes to town to play with an already extremely talented "team" (though he got hurt today) and now the Celts' fans are getting their tickets to see The "Big Ticket". I predicate in addition to the sales spike, increased viewership and memorabilia sales, Boston will also be selling additional hotel rooms from those in the area looking to catch these re-configured teams and suites going for a higher premium. Now if either of the teams ventures to the playoffs, especially the Celtics, look for a bump in season ticket prices next year to help absorb those new contracts and the need to capitalize. I'd suggest off-season fantasy experiences as well, Boston has some of the most passionate, albeit at times crazed fans on the planet, though they won't go Celtic Pride and doing anything too crazy.

Game time!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Listen up

Brandweek has an excellent interview with Robert Birge (IMG-CMO worldwide) over on their site on the state of Sport Marketing and the future there of.

Too bad and even worse.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Game, Set, Match

It happened. A Williams sister took home the Wimbledon crown, however it was Venus and not Serena this time, taking home her fourth title. Both sisters are playing significantly less tournaments than their competitors these days, however when they show up, everyone must take notice.

By going deep into the tournaments they play in and doing it with such poise and often through injuries, they continue to enhance their legacy, exhibit grace and dignity, all while ensuring they will continue to be highly sought after marketing representatives and future in demand speakers.

I tip my hat to Venus who nearly was sent packing twice in earlier rounds, but decided to stay and pick up another trophy before leaving.

I'm sure the Queen of London was notified at some point, that an Empress was a guest of state.

I've often heard the NFL stands for "Not For Long", and whether you're a former or current superstar in the league, eventually, you will be tackled. By whom-or what is the only question. As we see here, these former players are desperately trying to get their former employer to tackle the dismal disability policy that is constantly knocking them down today. As the premier sports league in the US, I wonder how long it will take for the focus to become unbearable; the recent hearings in Congress undoubtedly will be weighed against the restructuring of major employers in the manufacturing industry facing similar circumstances. While it must be noted, the NFL is not a publicly traded company, they do choose to compete in the public eye.

Word is T.I. (C. Harris) is currently on pace to put up the best first week numbers for Rap/Hip-Hop all year. His marketing strategy of employing two persona's has some what appealed, however hasn't completely been a huge victory. Yet, with a big club single and the smart strategy of a holiday related release he's definitely learned from his last album, "King" which he released in conjunction with the movie ATL that it takes more than just giving the people the product. The second half of the year will see releases from 50 Cent, Kanye, and even possibly Dr. Dre among others. Big names who have generated big numbers, however today it takes ring tones, branding and a gimmick to turn a profit. Either way, little things are stoppin'...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Play it Again

Hanes and MJ continue to play the same hits. Per the article, MJ's a winner no matter what, he just keeps finding a new Pippen, in this case, Cuba Jr. The cost cutting measures while I'm sure will be devestating to some, will probably aid in the bounce back of the company and bottom line.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Rise & Shine...

Right now if you're not aware, the Williams' sisters are once again turning Wimbledon into their personal marketing, branding and legacy building arena. Today Serena exhibited why she can never be counted out and not only has the heart of a champion, but also why the brands she represents are seeing a great ROI.

Fast enough for the Olympics, but outrunning evil doesn't happen.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Today we honor a man who made this world a better place, who shifted his personal agenda aside and took steps to not only integrate a game, a business, but to establish a history and legacy of distinguished elegance and leave an impact, that man is Jackie Robinson.

I've had the opportunity to read, hear and listen to the many anecdotes of why Jackie was so important to the way baseball did business. Today, African-American athletes enjoy spoils far beyond what Robinson might have imagined this day back in 1947. However, Robinson still might chide Major League Baseball for only having two African-American managers, just as he would have to the NFL a few years ago. Robinson firmly believed in expanding opportunities in management and the front offices of the Billion dollar sport & entertainment industries.

Baseball did an excellent job honoring the historich anniversary and I believe we'll hopefully begin to see the numbers of African-Americans playing today rise. (Currently at 8.4%)*

With two drafts quickly approaching that will change the fortunes and tax brackets of many of it's minority participants, I hope for today at least, they realize the gravity of their next few years.

So as I reflect on the changes the NFL needed to make to align it's employees off-field behavior, analyze post-Don Imus situation and think back to the NBA's need for a dress code and tighten it's in game discipline, I wonder where things shifted to drastically. While rights, salaries and opportunities have increased, so has disenfranchisement, moral responsibility and courage. However, it's not happening on a large scale, for the most part, the majority of our athletes don't receive enough credit for the positive contributions they make. I've personally experienced countless examples of athletes either diffusing a negative situation or coming to the aid of someone whom has experienced one. And for that, I'm sure Jackie would be proud.

*Source: ESPN News

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Hmmm...who's going to be next?

Maybe he's got a timeshare, something to kick his feet up.

Serena is in-out-in-out...she'll get it eventually.

I don't know what Bonzi's plan is, but I hope he holds an off-season workout to play himself into a better contract, because he won't be rocketing into the post-season.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sad, Sorry & Sick

I find it odd that the FCC is much like a parent, loving all it's children very much the same, but differently. Take for instance, when Janet Jackson suffered the infamous 'wardrobe malfunction' the largest fine in broadcast history was levied. And before Howard Stern migrated to satellite radio, his station producers and managers regularly must have needed soothing lotion for their thumbs to take all the calls for Stern's 'colorful commentary'.

Yet when Don Imus, proceeds to call a group of college, female athletes, "...nappy headed hos" he's fine with an apology and the disclaimer that his views aren't necessarily those of his employer is ludicrous. I'm sure Janet's nipple ring wasn't the choice for the board or that Stern's appetite for sexually charged innuendo was parallel to that of his employer. Yet both felt the pain and public grief, and had to pay for their transgressions.

However, Imus lets some comments fly on a nationally syndicated radio show that mirror Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder and he's let off with a hand slap. So it's ok to degrade others? Is that what we're emphasizing? So often I see athletes taken to task for their actions and being held accountable, yet we don't offer the same standards for those with a bit of celebrity? If Pacman Jones, members of the Cincinnati Bengals and other athletes need help, why not Imus?

Though no one's an angel, ignoring the weakness that the FCC here wields shows me a sad disparity in where our priorities lie. I only hope that it doesn't cost as much to realize it before it's too late.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Million $ Physiques

Label mates, 50 Cent and LL Cool J are known for among other things, hard lyrics, forays into acting and massive amounts of jewelry for their commitment to fitness. Most recently both have signed deals to provide residual income from all those crunches and trips to the gym.

I have to say their management is doing an excellent job of tapping into cross-functional marketing opportunities by tying into natural alliances. Fifty, already a spokesman (and early investor) for Vitamin Water will make a nice extra chunk of change if the company is acquired by Pepsi or Coke as insiders think will happen this year.

Meanwhile, Vitamin Water is making sure to hit those 18-21 year olds everywhere they go.

No doubt the recent change in domestic market will have investors scrambling for save havens for the falling dollar, but I wonder how many have thought about first of all doing a financial analysis to ensure their house is in order. It's not what you make, but what you 'net' or keep after expenses.

Obama is a movie star, so Hillary decides on music.

Rest Easy...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hiatus Averted

Yeah, yeah, yeah-I know. So I've missed one here or there, had to take care of some urgent matters outside of the blogsphere and make sure I'm properly ready for the future and that this serves as a tool of knowledge, profit and thought provoking points of view.

Now, to start off on the right foot, try this game on. Keeping with the NFL action, it's great to see Lovie Smith is getting broken off accordingly. I'm sure the Bears enjoyed their ROI on his low salary this year, now if he delivers a win via the Super Bowl over the next 3 years I'm sure he'll increase his commercial marketability, however due to his high ethical standards he may pass on them.

Next up, if I were a teacher, I'd make this video standard issue I found over at We need to make sure people are aware money doesn't come easy for most, but there are ways to take care of it, grow it exponentially and hopefully positively impact the next generation.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Check out what's happening in VA this week.

Terrence Howard along with Bernie Mac will start in a movie entitled, Pride. Looks to be a nice piece, based on a true story. ESPN has a story of a parallel situation in today's day and age.

It's official...Obama is in.

Remember people, we are all a brand. What are you doing each day to promote yourself? Your skills, talent and abilities? Who are you helping to step their game up? Just as any coporate logo or slogan, whether established or start-up, you as well have a legacy, what defines it is up to you. How are you advertising yourself? Who are you surrounding yourslef with? Postive influences or a circle of limitation and discouragement? What I hope you continue to do and I'm sure you are, is learning more, experiencing something new and sharing it with others. The world is immense, commerce stretches to each corner of the globe today and our future the youth needs to know this.

I'm getting off the box for now...I've got my circle to get to.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Super Bowl, but no Shuffling...

On the eve of Super Bowl XLI my thoughts find me wondering how both coaches are reflecting before tomorrow's historic game. I've poured through articles this week on the rates of ad space during breaks, reports covering the costs of tickets, the future impact this game will have on legacies-all indicating the media impact this year as usual will be huge.

The over-indulgence that will occur tomorrow with food, commercialism, and superstar dreams translate into the greatest show on earth. I read a recent article that the Super Bowl contributes to the greatest amount of lost productivity compared to any other event, translating into millions of dollars of lost revenue. While I may not agree with everything that now is influenced by such this great sporting event, I do disagree over all with the detractors. Perhaps they should examine the positive influence this may have on business, I would argue the following.

Take Lovie Smith, a man of principles and ethics, yet the lowest paid coach in the NFL; Tony Dungy, who last year lost his son and continued to lead his team in the face of adversity, both shining examples of how I'd like to someday be characterized. As a business owner, I'd be thrilled to employ individuals I knew whom possessed said traits and sleep better knowing I could call them friends as well. However, tomorrow is a battle and though two friends will just be getting together for a student vs. teacher scenario, only one will be described as victorious, but I take heart in knowing that both are already champions.

A little theme music while you ponder from two Chi-town Bears fans.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wha??? Really?

We have to stop the overshadowing of success.

Check ya guy out at the end of the article.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Did You Know...?

I don't want to jinx what could very well be history in the making, but you have to give it up both to Tony Dungy and Louvie Smith. I'm thrilled the story is getting some exposure and USAToday covers the brief but successful history of minority coaches in the NFL, and the added benefits of the lineage these guys have contributed to, ala the Walsh era. Check it out for yourself.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Free the Dreams...

Continue the Dream

Looks like it's time to get paid and make dreams come true.

"Stomp the Yard" did it's thing this weekend, by topping the Box Office. Unfortunately, the author of the article fails to note, 'urban' does not mean African American or black. One is a way of life that translates into a marketing culture, the other an ethnicity to define a group of people. Combine them both, and you have the trendsetters of the youth in America which the rest of the world then follows and translates into dollars for companies that successfully find a way to marry the traditional with the emerging hot joint of the moment.

Alright, time for me to create and help fufill dreams of my own and others.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Not Again!

Bowl games have come to an end, the NFL playoffs are in full swing and I'm waiting to see how Tiger comes out the gate this year though it will be a bit tardy. However, the issue of a University of Tennessee defensive back's academics command my attention this evening.

Demetrice Morley executed an improbale turnaround during his senior year of high school by improving his grades nearly an entire point in one semester. Though I believe nothing is impossible, I as one of Morley's former teachers agrees, there unfortunately was more help preventing a proper education than providing one.

Stories such as these are not new, rare or in my observation being strongly combatted. As long as the BCS or the media machine continues to line their proverbial pockets with the instant gratification of student-athletes versus long term self improvement through a quality education, we'll have a system that fails us and those who participate in it.

Friday, January 12, 2007

You Know?

One step forward, one step back.

Kobe's jersey is, do you think it has anything to do with him having a new number on his uniform (from #8 to #24) and not that he's emerged from marketing exile?

Unfortunately, I'm sure the NCAA will find additional ways to penalize teams in hopes of "helping" promote sportsmanship. I wonder how much the sprain will cost Ginn in his contract if he comes out.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Black, White or Rosy?

This weekend in the NFL saw upsets, mishaps and rides off into the sunset. With some of larger media market teams (Dallas, NY Jets/Giants) now watching TV for the next few weeks, I have to assume the League will at least be cheering for Chicago throughout the remainder of January.

In order to generate the hype needed to bring in fans and attention, the League will be counting on them after watching last years game attract far less attention than in the past. The cost of Super Bowl commercial buys this year is down/flat. The need to improve the ROI for advertisers either must come from more exciting games, which the League has no power of, to some effect or the teams need to have a story behind them fans find compelling to tune in.

One person who won't be at the Super Bowl, well not as a player, but most likely as an analyst very soon is Tiki Barber. Barber announced early this season, no matter the outcome, it would be his last. He has other ventures he'd like to pursue and has taken advantage of his celebrity status over the last few seasons to prepare.

The unfortunate thing is, about 10 years ago, many athletes, especially minority athletes were criticized for not having a backup plan. They were encouraged to start a business, complete their degree or invest their guaranteed money early and wisely. However, the hypocrisy by many media outlets, teams and fans has evolved. We now see players such as Barber taking the time to become analyst if they don't make the playoffs. Or Lebron signing marketing deals for shoe contracts larger than that of the NBA's. So when we see a not commercial, why now is their disgust and jealousy? Is it because the athletes are making strides to provide for their families and establish multiple streams of income in case of injury, being cut or these days even untimely death?

The double standard baffles, however doesn't surprise me. The examination of the minority athlete male/female will continue until the microscope used is not covered with a rose colored lens. There were many stories of athletes being homeless, dying broke, and we usually shook our heads at the irony. However, when Shaq says he's never spent a dime of his playing money, owns low-income housing investments and plans to become a Law Enforcement Offices after playing, most only see the loss of their amusement and unattainable goals.

Looks like it might be time to change the lens.

Might wanna get an eye exam.