Monday, May 29, 2006

NBA Playoffs

Checked out this seasons playoffs? If not, you may arguably be missing one of the greatest stretches of games in history. We have drama (multiple game 7 series), excitement (Phoenix coming back from 3-1), surprise (Kobe not taking over), one word: LeBron- and it all means one thing-big bucks for D. Stern and the franchising property known as the National Basketball Association.

Coupled with the emergence of the more 'fundamentally sound' as Bill Walton likes to put it, foreign imports, the League has now set itself up to capitalize nicely on the positioning strategy to take this show truly on the road.

David Stern has to be asking himself how he tops this next year...all I can say is hopefully there will be more where this has come from.

With conference finals now going on and shaping nicely, we have to wonder how exciting this summer could really get with a weaker draft and mediocre free agency period. There is still the Larry Brown and NY Knicks scenario to work out, which I'm sure will be a bit more down played in the off season. In all, the NBA has been able to look back lately and pat itself on the back for the moves it has made; even the dress code situation has become less of an issue, with more players opting to show off their style. Most likely the feeling is, better to dress for work in June than be golfing with nothing to do already.

And don't forget about next season's All-Star game in Vegas, this is one weekend that may actually give the regular Super Bowl weekend a run for the money...I'm sure Vegas will be betting on it.

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