Monday, December 11, 2006


Just a few months in and the new ball is toast...complaints from prominent players have David Stern replacing the new with the old by Jan 1st. I wonder how sales have been going for the new in game tool, I haven't personally heard of any amateurs giving it rave reviews. Hard to sale when you're star players are degrading the product, I'm sure whomever invested in the company hoped they had covered that bet with a short some where else.

I guess you can't force all changes in the name of progress...especially when the Player's Association has a grievance in motion.

Speaking of rolling in the NBA, A.I. is looking for a new home. Frustrated with the losing and continually re-tooled roster, the 76ers have stated they will be honoring Iverson's request for a trade. Once one of the top brands in the League, the likes of 'Melo, LeBron and D. Wade have now come in and taken center court. Iverson hopes to reinvigorate a team for a playoff run, having achieved pretty much every individual award and criticism.

Checked out Ali Rap this past weekend. No doubt a cultural icon, the program straight put a security gate around the rock solid foundation. Ali's impact on our social, political and athletic conscious has yet to be matched though efforts by Pele', Lance Armstrong, Arthur Ashe and others have been very noble. Ali was and is-the man. Not because he entertained us, but because he can never do another thing and he would still be. This as been fact for the last 15 years. Sharing Ali's story through modern day griots such as Rakim to Bob Costas, we see the man, the myth, the legend.

We're out here, food for thought

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