Sunday, January 14, 2007

Not Again!

Bowl games have come to an end, the NFL playoffs are in full swing and I'm waiting to see how Tiger comes out the gate this year though it will be a bit tardy. However, the issue of a University of Tennessee defensive back's academics command my attention this evening.

Demetrice Morley executed an improbale turnaround during his senior year of high school by improving his grades nearly an entire point in one semester. Though I believe nothing is impossible, I as one of Morley's former teachers agrees, there unfortunately was more help preventing a proper education than providing one.

Stories such as these are not new, rare or in my observation being strongly combatted. As long as the BCS or the media machine continues to line their proverbial pockets with the instant gratification of student-athletes versus long term self improvement through a quality education, we'll have a system that fails us and those who participate in it.

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