Thursday, January 10, 2008


Most often, we don't realize how very precious the thing we all awake to each day-that present called life. You have to maximize it if you don't want to feel minimized; every so often someone arises and illustrates just how much potential each one of us truly possesses.

Here, a man who has done truly wonderful things in the lives of those playing football and those who do not. His book is an outstanding read, check it out. Whether he leaves or stays, he's made a huge impact.

Same league, similar opportunities, but I often hear, NFL stands for "...Not For Long".

With record sales lagging, alternative streams of sales have ringtones being one of the best ways music recording artists to come up and get paid equally...if you know anyone under 15, then you know Soulja Boy. Young cat is out here with a plan, all I can say is viral marketing at it's finest whether you're a fan or not...learn a thing or two about knowing your demographic and core customer base, he mos def does.

Dave Stern is pressing forward on maybe the greatest privatized investment known. Trust me when I tell you, the NFL only has a few more years as the number one sport in America. While soccer won't be derailed, this move is going to put the NBA in a place even the U.S. can't do.

If you wake up tomorrow, you get 86,400 seconds-hope you maximize em'.

props to sohh, espn and the wall street journal

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