Tuesday, February 12, 2008


CNBC's piece on Nike ran tonight and covered some great topics-iconic athletes, labor practices, action sports and the emerging Sneakerhead demographic. Crazy, I've known sneaker heads since elementary school; anytime a parent would come and pick up a 6th grader to go cop the new Jordan's and bring him/her back to class so they could be fly, sounds like a sneaker head to me.

Shaq still will be waiting for the first game in a Suns jersey, which I am sure will soon be a top 5 seller with the quickness since he has a new team and the Phoenix area is clamoring for a title. Look for him to inch past Kobe and KG and probably settle around the 9-12 area.

ESPN has an outstanding article up in honor of Black History Month in regards to the Iowa State University stadium be named after an African American athlete (Jack Trice), certainly worth a read.

Someone finally noticed that most hits over the last 18 months in the hip-hop music genre usually encompass a dance move instructional. From Soulja Boy, Fat Joe, Lil Mama, and more most evenings at the clubs are spinning these tracks multiple times a night-but it doesn't stop there. You Tube has countless imitators, fans and unique individuals taking part, from the suburbs to the Sudan, North Dakota to North Korea the infectious, simplified lyrics and physical gyrating inspired illustrations are everywhere. Seems like the quickest way to a deal or at least a look at one right now.

Hitting NBA All-Star weekend starting Thursday, so expect some analysis and a story or two post that trip.

Headed into overtime....

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