Thursday, June 22, 2006

-You're History-

Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie...

They say the same people you see going up, you'll see coming down. I'm sure just before Ozzie Guillen bounced, he had to see that last year' World Series Trophy being held by his team, the Chicago White Sox. He had to see his name in history as the first Hispanic Manager to ever lead his team to a World Series title, now he's just seen his legendary status come down a few notches after his derogatory towards columnist and journalist Jay Mariotti.

Race, gender and sport once again become entwined when fans should hopefully have to be cheering for the only Major League sport being played right now. This weeks events only mirrors what is occurring else where in this world (see my post a few weeks ago on the World Cup).

Two days after the Heat win their first NBA title, are we still talking about this amazing turn around? Of course not!? The focus is now and will be on Isiah Thomas for the rest of the summer, and this year. As of today, Larry Brown is out as Coach of the Knicks. Just like that the NBA has one additional minority Coach, though not his first stint, Isiah will have a much tougher road in the Big Apple than the Hoosier state.

Can he orchestrate a change of mind and style like Avery did in Dallas? Or will Isiah have to ask himself to step down? If so, will he also seek to avoid paying for his own services?

You see, not only did Larry Brown lose his job today, he also was informed due to terms in his contract he would not be paid the remaining $40 million still due. Somehow I don't think Isiah would go for this next year if he finds himself in the same seat as Larry. We'll see if the decision stands, Brown's contract lists commissioner David Stern as sole arbitrator.

Isiah, some how I get the feeling we've seen this coming and seen this before...but we'll stay tuned anyways just to make sure. Please represent, as player, we loved you leadership and ability to deliver in the clutch, so let's see if you can still make it happen. If not, you may have to call Larry to find out where you can find a good job.

USA goes down, Ghana moves on. Not much to be said, though we have some awesome athletes in this country, and we have thousands of 8 year olds playing the most popular sport in the world every evening, however, that has not transferred into a soccer dynasty-yet. Keep watching and dreaming kids.

You might make history...

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