Thursday, July 06, 2006

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It was reported this week Vibe Magazine ( was sold to Keith Glen Media, the company behind Black Book. Vibe burst onto the Hip-hop and fashion seen in the early 90's is a literary icon for many of Urban professionals under 35. The media jacket features the news stand publication, a website and launched a weekly television program on cable networks. Len Burnett, vice president and group publishe will remain at his current position.

Vibe will now most likely look to transition to centralize itself within other media avenues as advertising dollars have begun
to shift in recent years. As young, urbanites look to grow in their personal and professional lives, look to Vibe to be on the
cutting edge for ways to remain relevant and grow its brand.

In other business, House of Blues will be acquired by Live Nation, which is owned by Clear Channel (suprise, suprise).
This move is great for Clear Channel, who for the past three years has seen some of its attendance slip sharply and
recieve negative press and criticism from concert goers over the companies efforts to monopolize the radio and concert industry.
House of Blues has been struggling after it botched IPO proceedings and had rejected an offer from Live last year, however, unable to dig out of the hole, a deal has been reached.

The Dominican Republic, though I've never been, I have heard tales of it's beauty, grace and charm. So no doubt it's on my top 10 list of places to visit before I'm done living. Apparently, Rush Limbaugh had just crossed the DR off his list last month
when he was detained for having a bottle of Viagra not perscribed in his name. Limbaugh would reach a deal with the prosecutor after his psychiatrist admitted to having his name on the bottle to conceal Limbaugh's identity. Limbaugh having previously admitted his addiction to pain killers, apparently needed to blow off steam and something else down there in the DR. As I said, top 10 spot.

You have to wonder if those hot concerts that HOB has come to be known by will continue, or will Live Nation look to flip it like a cheap piece of property and start the production of cookie cutter promotions it has been accused of in the past. Either way, results will be key or Clear Channel will not hesitate to re-organize Live Nation and HOB.

Ben Wallace handled his business Tuesday and committed to the Chicago Bulls in principle, though he's not allowed to sign a contract until July 12. The Fro'd one who became a fan favorite during the Detroit Pistons run and epitomized the blue-collar work ethic of the fans will now bring his game and phatter pockets to the windy city.

The Bulls offered Big Ben nearly $12 Million more and got there man; I have to wonder what Joe Dumars knows that John Paxson doesn't, I guess we'll see this season and the next three. Meanwhile, the Pistons should be looking for Darko's phone number right about now.

Make sure go pack an extra pick Ben...Chi town wind is no joke and that Fro is going to need to keep that loot warm.

Peace ya'll

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