Saturday, August 05, 2006

Heat Wave

Let's get right into since I've been moving and taking care of biz the last couple of weeks. The heat's been left on...

We come out the blocks focused squarely on Justin Gatlin. The man we've been waiting to join hands with Asafa Powell and run into a new 100m record last month instead found himself running into questions. Questions about a positive test for testosterone or "related" substances has Gatlin running faster than ever-for cover and answers. As of now he's implicating a massage therapist he's worked before, this is not Gatlin's first failed test, which makes it possible he could be banned from the Track & Field for life.

Should that happen, Gatlin would lose his true source of income to support himself. He already was having a phenomenal year, tying the previous 100m World Record, which translated into new endorsements, higher appearance fees and more face time and coverage of his every step. How this unfortunate turn of events plays out will have huge financial implications for him. With the Olympics just two years away Justin Gatlin's name was already beginning to work it's way into the hearts and minds of the American public; now it's there where it will cost him much more than he could have gained.

The sport of Track & Field in America was building itself back up as a clean and successful program, and no matter what the cause of this year's scandal, it hurts everyone, the coaches, officials, governing body, athletes, but most importantly, the fans. With only baseball and golf keeping many excited right now, this hurts us all.

Floyd Landis, do I even need to go into the scenario? Read the above two paragraphs, substitute the Tour de France in Cycling and we're done.


A party hosted by businessman and entertainer Jermaine Dupri ended with three guests being shot and hospitalized this past Sunday. After party at the Emergency Room, nope not cool. Thankfully the person having the event is not being singled out as in the past the media would have done, instead let's focus on the victims and getting the shooter taken care of. Apparently the violence began after an attempted robber tried to snatch another man's chain. What's that song? Welcome to Atlanta

Either way JD has been bangin' hits since the first time we heard from him and he's still doing it, as of late with his wifey Janet, Mariah, and I hear he's also recently met with D'Angelo. Please make that one happen and continue to show everyone, Money Ain't A Thang.

I'll be back-

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