Sunday, July 16, 2006

Can ya' dig?


If you've been watching the so called, "Lost Episodes" of Dave Chappelle, you might be having that same response on recent Sunday nights. There must be a reason Dave felt that these were not supposed to make the cut. Granted there are insights and some poignant sketches, don't we at times feel a track by Tupac, Biggie or Luther wasn't supposed to drop? Like if it's not being personally introduced by that person it's not the real product? Just because someone is gone doesn't mean it deserves to be circulated for the consumption of the public.

Sometimes we don't know when to say when and in this case we've gotten a little too drunk on our laughter and good times. The pressures to keep capital flowing, to provide those same impressions to advertisers who ponied up the funds when they were looking at Nielsen ratings is tough. Some how I don't think it's as tough as having to watch editing room floor clippings.

No matter what, those first two seasons are classics in comedy history; watching Comedy Central Execs handle the situation has been a classic too. Unfortunately we've been denied the privilege of seeing a sketch on that one.

Give it up for India.Arie, #1 Album in the country. Check that joint out if you've been sleeping...not her first project, but she keeps improving each and every time. Good to see more conscious artists getting their just due and accolades. Just a couple a years ago, the King website being hacked might have gotten more press than Ms. Arie, hopefully we continue to support our beautiful and talented people.

This years BET Award's garnered he historic honor of being the largest cable telecast ever viewed by Black households, I mean they even got me to tune in for the second viewing after word of mouth pulled me in. While I have not agreed with a great deal with the programming and genderfication of our Black women in recent years, I must say the balance of old and new, grace with innovation was a pleasant mirror of the African-American contributions in entertainment.

My dream is that the channel continues in ascension into unparalleled dominance, I believe it can happen. One recent step in that direction was the unfortunate death of the late night classic, "Uncut". If we can replace that with some dynamic news programming, we might have a hit.

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