Monday, September 25, 2006

The Hustle

You ever wonder how there are so many variations of this enticing, rhythmic interpretation of music? Everyone in there own little world, but still moving in the same direction, well most everyone, there is usually a couple of folks off beat.

I watched an episode of Flavor of Love last night, yeah, so? Anyways, I had to marvel at the turn around Flava' Flav has been able to recreate. After the heyday he had with Public Enemy, Flav took a couple of wrong turns and was only seen sporadically during Hip Hop history events. Since then, he's become King of reality television. The premiere of the second season saw VH1 post the best numbers for a show in the history of the network.

Flav' needs to be trademarking some of these catch phrases ("luckiest man in America" "Yeah Boy!"). His job description is currently something like, be surrounded by beautiful women, travel to fun, exotic places and do it all while having fun and looking for a companion.

Some say the show is crude, others say it's just a hoax, whatever it is, it's working. The show will undoubtedly be picked up for a third season, but there needs to be a branch at some point. There has been the post-show reunion and of course the DVD should be a great stocking stuffer.

Flav' needs to make sure he's got a solid transition after the public tires of him, something to capitalize on his recent marketing coup and an opportunity to expand upon a solid idea.

Monday Night Football back in New Orleans, should be a show. The Saints are looking to be the feel good story of the week; Dome is back up, fans have sold out the arena, many parallels and analogies will be used. I'm wondering however, who bought all the tickets? With area residents still recovering and trying to maximize funds, I hope there was some sort of voucher or ticket amnesty section. The NFL did an excellent job last year raising money for relief, I can only imagine part of the proceeds will go to areas affected by storms and flooding.

Though some players are just happy to be playing again in the NO, others are just trying to get in for two years for a lifetime pension. They're not trying to stay in the League, they just trying to secure a stream of income and move on. I feel you, preserve the body and keep the investment of a well maintained body.

Everybody do the hustle now...

Drop the next song-

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