Wednesday, September 27, 2006

T. O. (no...time-out)

Ok, so I had been exercising a vow of silence on any issue regarding T.O.-until today. Unfortunately with reports of an attempted negative prescription reaction/suicide I decided to step in. Terrell Owens thought controversial and a non-conformist is most likely not going to be missing any playing time.

He has rebutted any reports of a suicide and most likely will be playing on October 8, when he matches up against the Philadelphia Eagles. T. O. has over $15 million still to go for in his contract, though I don't gamble, I'd wager he is more focused on cashing those checks he worked so hard to get than ending his life. If we recall, part of the controversy surrounding Owens over the last 18-months came from him wanting to re-negotiate his contract and being denied. With currently only one major sponsorship (Team Jordan apparel) there aren't currently multiple streams of income available for him.

Cutting it off now doesn't seem to be something he'd do; second, he's always maintained excellent physical condition and is known as a health fanatic, so the mix of medicine and natural vitamins isn't that far removed. Whatever the case, suicide attempt or not, the story does nothing positive for him or the Cowboys. The team is valued at over $500 million according to Forbes, they're building a brand new stadium and they just fell 1.5 in the SuperBowl running with bookies all these pieces of information suggest that money is talking, not the blown out of proportion reports and speculation.

If we need something to blow out of proportion, let's talk about that cat Aaron McGruder. You mean the one who took some of the most talked about and/or ignored issues in the Black community, gave them some breath, a platform and open conversation? Yeah-that guy. It's been reported that his notoriously conscious and heartfelt comic strip The Boondocks won't be coming back.

"Although Aaron McGruder has made no statement about retiring or resuming The Boondocks for print newspapers . . . newspapers should not count on it coming back in the foreseeable future," Universal's president, Lee Salem, said in the release. "Numerous attempts . . . to pin McGruder down on a date that the strip would be coming back were unsuccessful."

The parallels to another black man with comedic skills have already began to filter. Makes you wonder, what gives? Black people getting paid, given creative control to say anything are still finding something to be upset about? How dare them! Right...? Well apparently not, if there are events taking place we are not informed of, something is still pushing the envelope too far. McGruder still has the TV show on Cartoon Network, a movie to get done and innovation, there will be other avenues to develop the franchise.

I just hope he makes it back after his re-charge with the something to recapture the attention of his devoted following. We need to remember that artist are free to bend the rules, change direction at the drop of a hat. If Andre' 3000 doesn't want to rap anymore and act-fine. Dave Chappell feels people are getting fake around him-cool. Barry Sanders decides he's going to walk away a mere season or two away from...ok, ok we got a bit carried away. The point is, as each one develops their own image and self-image, it's their brand, and though we support, consume or observe it, it's not our choice that dictates their decisions.

Time in-

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