Saturday, February 03, 2007

Super Bowl, but no Shuffling...

On the eve of Super Bowl XLI my thoughts find me wondering how both coaches are reflecting before tomorrow's historic game. I've poured through articles this week on the rates of ad space during breaks, reports covering the costs of tickets, the future impact this game will have on legacies-all indicating the media impact this year as usual will be huge.

The over-indulgence that will occur tomorrow with food, commercialism, and superstar dreams translate into the greatest show on earth. I read a recent article that the Super Bowl contributes to the greatest amount of lost productivity compared to any other event, translating into millions of dollars of lost revenue. While I may not agree with everything that now is influenced by such this great sporting event, I do disagree over all with the detractors. Perhaps they should examine the positive influence this may have on business, I would argue the following.

Take Lovie Smith, a man of principles and ethics, yet the lowest paid coach in the NFL; Tony Dungy, who last year lost his son and continued to lead his team in the face of adversity, both shining examples of how I'd like to someday be characterized. As a business owner, I'd be thrilled to employ individuals I knew whom possessed said traits and sleep better knowing I could call them friends as well. However, tomorrow is a battle and though two friends will just be getting together for a student vs. teacher scenario, only one will be described as victorious, but I take heart in knowing that both are already champions.

A little theme music while you ponder from two Chi-town Bears fans.

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