Saturday, February 10, 2007


Check out what's happening in VA this week.

Terrence Howard along with Bernie Mac will start in a movie entitled, Pride. Looks to be a nice piece, based on a true story. ESPN has a story of a parallel situation in today's day and age.

It's official...Obama is in.

Remember people, we are all a brand. What are you doing each day to promote yourself? Your skills, talent and abilities? Who are you helping to step their game up? Just as any coporate logo or slogan, whether established or start-up, you as well have a legacy, what defines it is up to you. How are you advertising yourself? Who are you surrounding yourslef with? Postive influences or a circle of limitation and discouragement? What I hope you continue to do and I'm sure you are, is learning more, experiencing something new and sharing it with others. The world is immense, commerce stretches to each corner of the globe today and our future the youth needs to know this.

I'm getting off the box for now...I've got my circle to get to.

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