Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hiatus Averted

Yeah, yeah, yeah-I know. So I've missed one here or there, had to take care of some urgent matters outside of the blogsphere and make sure I'm properly ready for the future and that this serves as a tool of knowledge, profit and thought provoking points of view.

Now, to start off on the right foot, try this game on. Keeping with the NFL action, it's great to see Lovie Smith is getting broken off accordingly. I'm sure the Bears enjoyed their ROI on his low salary this year, now if he delivers a win via the Super Bowl over the next 3 years I'm sure he'll increase his commercial marketability, however due to his high ethical standards he may pass on them.

Next up, if I were a teacher, I'd make this video standard issue I found over at We need to make sure people are aware money doesn't come easy for most, but there are ways to take care of it, grow it exponentially and hopefully positively impact the next generation.

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