Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sad, Sorry & Sick

I find it odd that the FCC is much like a parent, loving all it's children very much the same, but differently. Take for instance, when Janet Jackson suffered the infamous 'wardrobe malfunction' the largest fine in broadcast history was levied. And before Howard Stern migrated to satellite radio, his station producers and managers regularly must have needed soothing lotion for their thumbs to take all the calls for Stern's 'colorful commentary'.

Yet when Don Imus, proceeds to call a group of college, female athletes, "...nappy headed hos" he's fine with an apology and the disclaimer that his views aren't necessarily those of his employer is ludicrous. I'm sure Janet's nipple ring wasn't the choice for the board or that Stern's appetite for sexually charged innuendo was parallel to that of his employer. Yet both felt the pain and public grief, and had to pay for their transgressions.

However, Imus lets some comments fly on a nationally syndicated radio show that mirror Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder and he's let off with a hand slap. So it's ok to degrade others? Is that what we're emphasizing? So often I see athletes taken to task for their actions and being held accountable, yet we don't offer the same standards for those with a bit of celebrity? If Pacman Jones, members of the Cincinnati Bengals and other athletes need help, why not Imus?

Though no one's an angel, ignoring the weakness that the FCC here wields shows me a sad disparity in where our priorities lie. I only hope that it doesn't cost as much to realize it before it's too late.

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